About Us

Welcome to TreeNews! Created on January 28th, 2024, this site aims to spread knowledge about trees and how we can care for them.

As a 20-year-old computer science student, I have always been fascinated by trees and nature. While I have no formal expertise in forestry or horticulture, I am passionate about learning more about the different types of trees, plants and how we can help them thrive.

Through this blog, I hope to share what I learn about identifying tree species, understanding their growth needs, and providing the proper care for trees and other greenery in our gardens and neighborhoods. Whether you have questions about pruning techniques, watering requirements or pests and diseases, I will do my best to research the topics and pass along helpful information.

My goal is that this serves as an educational resource for both novice and experienced gardeners. I believe that by nurturing our green spaces, we help not only the environment but also our own well-being.

Please feel free to contact me through mail (contact@treenews.org.uk) or leave a comment if there are any topics you would like me to explore further. I am always looking to expand my own knowledge and discuss tree-related issues with others. 

Thank You for visiting!